If you have stumbled upon this page, you must be curious as to what the internet epoch is. I like to believe that this moment in time we have been living in has been defined by the internet. While the internet has changed drastically since the advent of the smartphone, its essence and culture still exists. You just have to look down the right rabbit holes...ย 

Growing up being online so much has really made me understand how much our identities are defined by cyberspace.

...but the truth is that internetepoch is just a way i like to express myself creatively that i've ran for the last 3 years. I'm addicted to using the internet and editing the media within it as a creative outlet, but also as a way to archive what i love and captivates me. Maybe someone else out there in the world can share the same feelings, thoughts, and emotions i felt while compiling a post together.

thanks for stopping by and feel free to say hi on instagram :D